Motivated Moms

I like lists.

I like having a clean house.

I like things that make my life easier.

I have discovered Motivated Moms, and I like it!

I have had my housekeeping routine for a while, but with two kids, volunteer work, freelance work, and our social calendar, it was getting harder to keep up with. I had based my system on Fly Lady’s Zones — cleaning one area of your house each day. For example, Mondays, I’d clean bathrooms; Tuesdays, one of the bedrooms; Wednesdays, one of the living areas; Thursdays, floors; Fridays — catch-up or work on an organization project. It worked great when I had one easy-peasy kiddo at home. But, like I mentioned, with two plus life, there’d be days I’d look at the bedrooms and think “good enough” and skip them. And with my system, it’d be another month before I got to that room on my rotation again.

I read about Motivated Moms on a message board and decided to check it out. It’s $8 for the year — one calendar per week of tasks for each day, plus tasks for every day. I bought the version with daily Bible readings, too, though I have not implemented that yet. The reviews I read, in comparing it to Fly Lady, noted that it was much more mom-with-kids-at-home friendly. Fly Lady is a fabulous system, but it is easier if your kids are older or at school. The genius of Motivated Moms is that each task can be done in just a couple of minutes. Rather than cleaning the whole bathroom once a week, on Mondays, you scrub the toilets. On Tuesdays, you clean the mirrors, etc. From the two weeks I’ve been doing it, it looks like you have some daily tasks (laundry, wiping kitchen counters, reading to the kids, etc), some weekly tasks (cleaning toilets, vacuuming living areas, mopping kitchen, etc.), and some occasional tasks that I assume may come up once or twice a year (cleaning the ceiling fans, washing walls in certain rooms, etc.) It’s nice to know that if I miss mopping the kitchen one week, say because I’m busy cleaning up vomit elsewhere in the house, the mopping had been done the week before and will be done again the next week.

I’m enjoying the lists so far, but I am a list person. I’d make one myself (and I actually just add to hers with my errands and activities for each day.

If you decide to splurge and fork out the $8 to buy the year of lists, use my link, please. 🙂

Click here to visit Motivated Moms.

3 thoughts on “Motivated Moms

  1. This looks really useful–are you still using it? How has it worked for you? I'm going to give it a try!

  2. Hey Kara,
    I am still using it and liking it. I feel like I've always kept the day to day stuff up OK, but the deeper cleaning things would pile up. This plans those out, a little at a time. I see you did buy it! Thanks for using my referral link. 🙂

  3. Well of course. 😉 I printed out the first week and showed Chad. I also wrote in "and Dads" next to "Motivated Moms"…I really like the layout. Glad to hear it is working at your house, gives me hope! LOL

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