Running with Scissors

My book club’s choice for this month is Augusten Burroughs’s memoir, Running with Scissors. I’m not a huge memoir fan, so I didn’t vote for it the numerous times it came up in our polls, but after I saw a preview for the movie, I decided I might enjoy the book. It won our latest poll without my vote, regardless. I was even more intrigued to read it when I got this message from the paperbackswapper sending me the book:
“Hi Amanda,
I mailed your book this morning.
Normally I end my messages with ‘enjoy’or ‘happy reading’ but this book is so sick, twisted and disturbing that neither of those seem appropriate. So instead I’ll close with this…
Don’t read this book while eating,

Contrary to her message, I did “enjoy” the book. She is right, it is sick and twisted and disturbing. This guy had some really messed up adults influencing his life, but he survived with his sense of humor intact and has gone on to be successful. The concept of resilience is an idea that really stuck out in my mind during graduate school. We talked often about resilience being so important in social and emotional development, especially in gifted individuals — it being a key in moving a gifted person to the talented level. I’d say Augusten Burroughs would made an excellent case study.