First Dream Dinners Review

I bought the Groupon a couple of weeks ago for the Dream Dinners sampler for $50. Technically, the six meals were $25 and the non-optional assembly was an additional $25. I had wanted to try one of these places, and I figured $8.33 per meal for some convenience meals for the freezer was a decent deal. And the descriptions looked scrumptious!

Our busy day today of three doctor’s appointments that took up about five hours of my day (mama has pink eye; mama was fitted for a temporary crown at the dentist; baby has a mystery fever that is not strep or flu) plus above-mentioned clingy baby made today a good time to try out one of these convenience meals. Cheaper, yummier, and healthier than ordering a pizza.

First, the menu selection is good. Lots of chicken, a bit of beef, and a bit of pork. I think there was one fish and one vegetarian entree as well (but I did not try those.) The online ordering system is

easy to navigate. I was not expecting baggies of the pre-assembled meals. For some reason, I pictured casseroles that would be pre-made and just need to be cooked in the oven. The meal components are in individual Ziplocs (meat / chicken; sauce; etc) placed inside a larger Ziploc. It was a little more work than I expected (this particular meal was a stove-top meal, so I had to brown the chicken and add the season/sauce). Taste was exceptional! Of course, the dish I chose for tonight is one of my all-time favorite restaurant meals — chicken picatta (well, veal picatta is my favorite. This is close.) Portion size — this was supposed to serve three. John and I ate it all ourselves. I served it with garlic bread and whole wheat pasta (Caroline and Elizabeth just ate the pasta.)

All in all, the Groupon deal was just perfect! If I had the chance to order at this price (about half price) again, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I am not sure that I would spend the $10-16 normal price for the meals, though. I reserve the right to change my mind, though, if I become spoiled by the other five meals in my freezer. 🙂

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  1. Still no Groupon service for San Antonio, but I was looking at Austin's recent deals and saw The Woodland had $50 for $25 last month. We ate there during the PTA seminar and it was SOOO good! Let me know if you see them offer another one.

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