Lenten Table

We have our same activities set up on our Lenten table again this year. Caroline really enjoys retelling the stories of Jesus’s ministry using the story board, and she has been really insightful in the blessings she has chosen to thank God for each night (the trees, our home, our church, her sister). The blessing tree started as a bare branch. Each day, we thank God for a blessing he has given us and add a ribbon to the tree. We’ll have a beautiful ribbon-filled tree by Easter to remind us of God’s blessings. I have the Lenten coloring book out for her, too. She’s colored a few pages and we discuss those, but she doesn’t color in it every day.

She’s done some neat activities at church, too, in Sunday School and on Wednesday nights.

(the links to the coloring book and story board no longer work. Looks like they are out of print or unavailable now.)