Two Weeks Four Days and Counting

pregnancy cartoon

I noticed today that those nice smiles and nods acknowledging the beautiful life growing inside of me are now more looks of pity. As I waddled into the bathroom at Costco, one woman even said the words, “Awwww…Better you than me.”

I’m not going to estimate weight, but I do think this baby is going to be two feet long.

One thought on “Two Weeks Four Days and Counting

  1. That sounds like something I’ve said before. There comes a time in a pregnant woman’s life when she longer has a ‘glowing radiance’ about her… more like a ‘tired and completely done with this whole pregnant experience’ countenance. I’m pretty sure that is when I’ve said those words, “Better you than me!” Hang in there…

    P.S. – I’ll be making plans to drop by once the baby is born! Can’t wait to see you and the newest addition to the Bindel family!

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