Newborn Diaper Stash

For a second baby, especially one whose gender will be a surprise, there isn’t much shopping fun . . . unless you use cloth diapers and need to stock up on newborn diapers! Here’s my stash! I am pretty excited and can’t wait for baby to be here with it’s cute little fluffy-covered bum.

(From top left to top right, working left to right)
— Loveybums wool cover (was a large of Caroline’s that mama accidentally dryed in the dryer. Now it’s sized for a newborn) 🙂
— 3 small Fuzzi Bunz
— newborn recycled wool longies
— stack of prefolds (10), Kissaluvs doublers, microfiber towels for doublers, hemp and Mother-of-Eden pocket inserts
— Berry Plush AIOs (brown earth and yellow embroidered with monkey)
— WAHM pocket dipe embroidererd with turtle
— 5 Tinkle Traps prefitteds
— Muttaqin newborn sheep print
— Muttaqin newborn monkey print
— Pee Well small monkey print
— 10 Kissaluvs size 0 (yellow, green, blue, white) — pictured bottom right
— 3 Thirsties xsmall covers
— Pee Well small tangerine color

I have *more* than enough fluff for the newborn stage. I didn’t realize I had so many prefolds left from Caroline until I pulled stuff out of storage. Honestly, the prefolds will mostly be for stuffers and emergency use. I plan to use the fitteds with covers mostly, saving the Fuzzi Bunz for the periods of longer sleep stretches.

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4 thoughts on “Newborn Diaper Stash

  1. OMG, they are cute all stacked up like that. I wish I had possessed the patience for cloth diapering. It’s my one big mommy guilt.

  2. Love all that fluff! Do you have any suggestions on how to store diapers long term? My son is 11 months old, so I’ve been keeping all his smaller sizes in a large Rubbermaid storage container, but I just wondered if that would keep them well enough until the next baby comes along.

  3. Good question, Courtney! I think it depends on the kind of diapers. Fitteds and prefolds would probably be fine. I’ve heard that some people have found their Fuzzi Bunz and Bum Genius didn’t store so well. I just went ahead and sold most of my diapers from Caroline’s use on diaperswappers and started over this time. That way I didn’t have to bother with storage and I got the fun of shopping again. 🙂

  4. Thanks for your advice! I had heard the same thing about Fuzzi Bunz, but I was hoping there was a way around it. Oh well…you’re right, shopping for them really is the best part!

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