You know the phrase, “recycle, reduce, reuse, repurpose.” Pictured here are repurposed bookshelves that John and I have had for about ten years. They are half-height shelves we bought at an unfinished furniture store and stained ourselves. They moved with us from the townhouse to many locations at this house over the years. We’ve talked many times about wanting full-height shelves in our front room–better use of space, the visual appeal, needing more book storage. And we’ve wondered about stacking them. When my dad visited last, I mentioned it to him, and he thought it would work. That was the inspiration my wonderful hubby needed. I don’t know all the mechanics, but he drilled and screwed and bolted and secured, and these shelves are now safely and beautifully secured in our front living room. I love them! And I like that my husband is nesting along with me (or is at least willing to be the muscle for my nesting). 🙂

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  1. Awesome! We just did the same thing with our kitchen cupboards (stacked them in a nook in a hallway) 🙂

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