Belly Comparisons

Above — 34 weeks 2 days with Baby Bindel 2009. Below — somewhere in that range, though possibly a week or two later, with Caroline. I’m definitely bloated. Seems my inside ankle (is there a name for that body part?) disappeared the same day stretch marks appeared. I do feel good, though I could certainly nap a few times a day if given the chance. Feel free to speculate on baby’s gender if you feel you have an opinion based on how I’m carrying. Looks about the same to me.

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4 thoughts on “Belly Comparisons

  1. I think you look great! Actually, your face looks a rounder in the picture where you were pg with Caroline.

    I am not getting any gender vibes. Pushed, I guess I’d say boy, but it’s not a real strong feeling.

    Short time left, but it’s the hardest time, huh?

  2. I have been following your journey, and I just wanted to say that you look GREAT! I agree with the previous commenter that your face looked rounder before, and you look like you’re carrying just a bit higher this time, so my guess is a boy!

    And here’s hoping you are able to get some of those naps in like I’m sure you really, really need!

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