What do you really think of me?

Here’s a narcissistic post. It’s pretty neat, though. Click this link to be taken to a page where you choose five or six adjectives to describe me. Then your list (and others who complete this) will be compared to mine to let me know if I have an accurate perception of myself or not. I think I might not as people often say that their first impression of me is very different than once they get to know me.

Play along. Then you can create your own. I promise, I’ll do yours if you do mine.

2 thoughts on “What do you really think of me?

  1. I think you’re “Temporarily Unavailable,” since that’s what the link keeps telling me (I’ve tried three separate times now!) I shall try again later, ’cause I’m dying to get over there and see it.

  2. Yeah, I don’t what this “unavailable” says about me. 🙂 I’m disappointed this happened right after I created my page. I guess my millions of readers overloaded their server. LOL!!! I’ll post an update when I see that access is back up.

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