Weekly Command Center

This week, I’ll be gone one evening, so John and Caroline will have a quickie dinner together. Another night, we have late afternoon ballet tickets for a fun family outing, so we’ll be eating a quick dinner, and we’ll be going out with out-of-town visiting family one night. Here’s our short-week menu.

The links below are to a fun new blog Rita started. Five of us are sharing recipe ideas there. Check it out!

steaks and baked potatoes
chicken and dumplings
fried rice
breakfast casserole — one morning for brunch

Cascade is on sale at CVS for $2.50. I had a 25 cent coupon, too. Not fabulous, but good enough.
I got my September monthly rebate items at Walgreens, too.
Crest Pro-Health — free after rebate
Glade scented candle — on sale for 1.99 plus 1.00 rebate plus 1.00 coupon in today’s paper — free for me!
I also picked up some clearance items at Walgreens — a hair clip for me for $1 and a pack of five panties for Caroline for $3.

I’m going to focus on decluttering the top surfaces in the master bedroom this week — the desk, nightstands, dresser, and bookshelf. I should easily find ten things to purge in those places. I imagine many of them will be books. The books will go on paperbackswap since I am now down to zero credits.

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  1. Love it!!!! I’m usually a conseravative but I’m totally torn with what to do in November. I have bangs again, too. But mine were inspired by Halle Berry and were trimmed by me.

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