Joys of the Season

Happy New Year! I really enjoy Christmas. The days after Christmas Day are my favorite part of this Holy season. The rush of parties and shopping is over. The constant commercial-bombardment of the “holidays” is over. These twelve days of Christmas, the period of time between when we observe Jesus’s birthday and the magi arriving with their gifts, are special to me. I can sit back and enjoy John’s company, as he takes off work the week after Christmas. I can continue to enjoy my Christmas decorations. Now that I have a child, I can enjoy watching her enjoy her new toys. In the past, this was a time John and I usually traveled since I was not due back at school.

I have a tiny idea in the back of my head to rearrange my Christmas celebration a bit in the future years. I think that I may go ahead and “do Santa” with Caroline on Christmas morning but save a gift to give to her on Epiphany, or Three King’s Day. That would serve two purposes, as I see it: spread out the toy fest to allow Caroline to truly enjoy all of her gifts and give her an awareness of the whole reason we exchange gifts during the Christmas season — following in the steps of the wisemen who presented their gifts to the Christ child.

Our rector is on vacation this week, so our associate rector was scheduled to preach. She was ill, though, so one of our assisting clergy, a retired priest, stepped in to deliver the sermon Sunday. His words are exactly my thoughts on this time of year. You can listen to his sermon here. (the Dec. 31 sermon)