Drugstore Deals

My favorite deals for this week:

The Target at 1431 and 183 had their Suave soaps on clearance for $1.27. I had a buy one get one free coupon and a 50 cent off one coupon. I wasn’t sure if I could use both, but the cashier took them. So, I got two yummy (Peony scented) Suave shower soaps, .77 for both!

Same store had Real Solutions Organic shampoo and condition with free after rebate hang tags. They are normally $4.99 each, so one free shampoo; one free conditioner. Or technically, since it is a mail-in rebate that I have to send a SASE, .42 each.

Nabisco crackers (Premium Saltines and Ritz) are on sale 2 for $4. There’s a .75 off two coupon in Sunday’s paper. Plus, if you buy $10 worth, you’ll get $3 in Register Rewards. I bought six for $10, used my coupon, and got my $3 back. Comes to $1.04 per box of crackers. Caroline and I eat this for snacks often.

Olay body washes, Secret deodorant, and a few other brands are on sale 3 for $10. Plus, if you buy $10 worth, you get $3 in Register Rewards (or buy $20 worth and get $7.) Coupons are out for most of the items. I bought an Olay Botanicals body wash that I had a $2 coupon for, an Olay Ribbons body wash that I had a $1.50 coupon for, and a Secret deodorant that I had a .50 coupon for. I got the $3 back bringing my per item cost for each soap and the deodorant to $1.

Finally, Walgreens has Pert Plus shampoo free after rebate this month (up to $4 something). I had a $2 off coupon for that, so I’ll make $2 after rebate. (Consider that $2 blown on the treat I bought for Caroline and me for our post-swim/post-Walgreens snack.) They also have an organic shampoo and conditioner free after rebate, too, for August. I’ll pick that up later this month.

I should be set on body wash for awhile since I stocked up on several during the free after ECB deal at CVS a few months ago. I still have some of that left. Caroline has been “showering” while I get dressed lately, though, and she tends to use a bit too much. It might not last as long as I think.