Friday Night Videos

I managed to remember to post videos two weeks in a row. 🙂 Here are some funnies for this week.


And Colbert Report News Flash: White Men to Decide this Election
So, we get the EdWords from John Edwards on how to get the white male vote
(Since we don’t have cable, I don’t get to watch the Colbert Report much, but we were at a hotel last night and I got to watch and enjoy.)

One thought on “Friday Night Videos

  1. I do so love Edwards. I watched that Colbert report and it was just so perfect. I really, really, really hope that Obama picks Edwards as his running mate…is that rude to say here? I mean, really, if Clinton gets the nomination, I’ll go door-to-door campaigning for her. I just like Obama better. And Edwards would make a really good VP.

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