Friday Night Videos

Who knows if I’m cool and savvy enough to do this EVERY week, but *this* week, I have some videos to share.
I love Hillary! (I especially like the part that starts at 4:32) but I realize that we, the press, are a mighy sword.


I *heart* Weird Al!

And check out this one, too,“White and Nerdy”

Totally unrelated, I know, but videos that made me laugh a lot and cry a little this week.

3 thoughts on “Friday Night Videos

  1. Commenting on my own post that myself, I’m a “bitch,” lover,” “child,” “mother” and I buy way too much crap on ebay, and some might think I’m “white and nerdy.”

  2. The Hillary thing blew me away. I don’t watch mainstream news. I get my news from BBC America and The Daily Show. I know, Jon Stewart isn’t supposed to be a new source, but hey, with three kids, sometimes it’s the only non-kid show I get to watch. The stuff they were saying in that clip just made my stomach hurt. I can’t believe we live in our world today and those blatantly derogatory sexist remarks are made on mainstream NEWS channels. It’s so, so horrible. I really was ignorant to that. I wish I could go back to a half an hour ago when I really believed that we were above such bullshit.

    Hillary isn’t my first choice, but of course, if Obama somehow doesn’t get the nomination, then I’ll be the first convert to the Hillary campaign (with a bazillion other Democrats), but nobody NOBODY deserves to be talked about like that. I’d be just as sick over it if it were Condoleezza Rice being talked about like that, you know? Because it’s just so woman hating. It doesn’t even deserve the fancy latin word. It’s WOMAN HATING.

    Ugh. But, with the Weird Al, Amanda, did you know that he’s all the rage with the junior high crowd? That’s all Alex and his 7th grade cronies listen to. Funny how Hillary gets bashed but Weird Al just keeps on going. Getter cooler as the decades roll on. My kids love that Ebay song and White and Nerdy, and Canadian Idiot, and there’s this Star Wars thing done to American Pie (in case you want to add a few more to your ipod, lol).

  3. I love “White and Nerdy” My nephews introduced it to my at Christmas. (or was it my brother?)

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