Drugstore Deals

This week’s deal
— free toothpaste
— Walgreen’s (also right on the corner. right across from the CVS mentioned last week)
— Aquafresh on sale this week $2 / each
— had two different coupons on file — $1 / off Aquafresh Extreme Clean; $1 / Aquafresh Advanced
— bought one of each
— Walgreen’s is offering an EasySaver mail-in rebate off of one Aquafresh purchase (up to 3.99 value) this month, so at the end of the month, I’ll compile this receipt with any other rebate items I buy this month and get my $2 back.


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5 thoughts on “Drugstore Deals

  1. OK, so I’ve given this some thought. Now, slap me if you will, because honestly, and sincerely, I’ve THOUGHT about the pros and cons of spending $1 for that website, lol.

    I don’t think it’d benefit me much. I am rather brand loyal to things like deodorant and Alex’s shower gel (has to be the Suave blue stuff, or his skin gets irritated) and shampoo, and for that web site, don’t you have to pay a certain amount PER STORE? So, if I’m waiting on a Ban coupon (my preferred brand) or Mike’s Mitchum brand, we could miss out on whatever store, and spend more $$ for the web service waiting for a specific coupon?

    As far as the other freebees, I already have about a thousand little boxes of toothpaste from the dentist’s office (they give us each like 3 tubes whenever we go every six months). I think that they could stop making toothpaste today and I could sell mine off for $100 a tube to desperate people without a whole closet devoted to travel size tubes of toothpaste and live very comfortably for the rest of my life. Floss, too. Need a dozen rolls of limited footage floss? I’ve got you covered. I also have a million zillion little bottles and tear-top samples of shampoo and conditioners. I send away for free samples of that stuff. Lotions, too. I have lotions and shower gels for me (since I am not brand sensitive to those things).

    Every once in a while I force us to live off the miniatures, just to clear them out a little. Mike gets very frustrated with handing the tiny tubes of toothpaste and tiny shampoo bottles. But, oh well.

    I envy those people with like $5 grocery bills, who buy a ton of stuff and then get the minus nickel and dime at the end coupons until they get like $100 off. Groceries are what kills us. Largely because we do so much organic produce and fresh produce. Does that web site help with stuff like that? I really need to hang on to that $1.

  2. I’m cracking up about you saving that $1!! I don’t do it anymore because after that one month trial, I don’t think it was worth the monthly cost, mostly because it is only toiletries and cleaning supplies that I’d be buying. I don’t buy a lot of packaged foods. And I picked up on the premise of combining sales AND coupons to get the best deal.

    But, if you need a certain brand, this won’t work perfectly for you. You can still get nice stock-up deals sometimes. Just gander through the weekly CVS and Walgreens ads. They’re in the store, so you don’t even need to subscribe to the paper.

    For example, I use Aveeno Baby soap for Caroline due to her sensitive skin / eczema issues. This week, Walgreens has a deal if you buy 4 Aveeno items, you get $10 in Register Rewards. (That’s $10 to be used on another purchase at Walgreens.) I had coupons for the Aveeno, and it was 20 percent off, so it was a great deal for me, but it was not close to free.

    Again, my CVS and Walgreens are right on the corner by my house, I’m a SAHM to one child (who loves to shop), so I have time for stuff like this. I also tend to be obsessive and need something to occupy myself. This is my obsession du jour.

  3. OK, that makes me feel better. I sometimes wonder if there’s this big money saving scheme out there and I’m just too big a loser to catch onto it. But, I HATE shopping, I hate it, hate it, hate it, so I’d really rather just buy things that I need and be done with it. I feel really together when something I buy happens to be on sale, or happens to be a coupon I am holding right at that minute. Whew. I’m not blowing big bucks with my laziness, lol.

  4. One last thought: The Grocery Game $1 trial covers ALL of the stores in your area. After that, yes, you pay per store. But, $1 for savings’ ideas for CVS, Walgreens, HEB, Randalls, etc. Totally, TOTALLY worth it. I just can’t imagine how’d you’d NOT save $1 in a month. 🙂

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