Fun with Doll Pins

I try to introduce the upcoming week’s Gospel reading to Caroline in some way the prior week, and this week’s reading is the walk to Emmaus. As a youth, we had an annual weekend retreat / conference named Hot Hearts after this event (and a quick google search shows that it is still going on.)

Caroline and I used some doll pins I had bought during that Joanne’s moving clearance sale months ago and made a few people (or disciples as was our original intent.) The day we made them, I mentioned that I’d need to look online again to figure out how to make them stand on their own as ours were not very stable.

The next day, I told her the story of the men walking and talking about the resurrection, then being joined by Jesus. I had picked out a few heart stickers to give her as I read the part about their “hearts burn(ing) within us.” She had the men prance about, and Jesus join them. Then I handed her a heart sticker to put on her shirt. She moved as if to put it on the doll pin, and I told her that would be fine. Then she put it on the bottom of the pin, sticky side up, and told me that “Now he can stand up.”

Out of the minds of babes! Why didn’t I think of that?

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