I am a non-competative (meaning, not-too-serious) player in the coupon game. I did my $1 one month trial with the Grocery Game to get the gist of the strategies, but I am not a die-hard stock-piler or a coupon-junkie. I must admit, though, that there are weeks that I get the adrenalin rush. AND THIS IS ONE OF THOSE WEEKS!

Softsoap Spa Radiant $4.99 at CVS — buy one, get $4.99 ECB = FREE — limit five
I had a coupon for $1.00 off and for $1.50 off

Speed Stick 2 for $5 and get $3 ECB = $1 each
I had coupons for $1.00 off one and $.75 off two

So, the above cost me, minus ECB plus coupons, -$.25. That means I MADE 25 cents buying this stuff! I suppose technically, the gas to the corner may have cost that (but both stops were in route somewhere I was going anyway).

A few tips on making couponing and the drugstores work for you:
— clip the Sunday coupons every week for any product (regardless of brand) that you might need
— live near both a CVS and Walgreens (you’ll have to make multiple trips to get your ECBs and rebates to work for you.)
— match your coupons with the drugstore sales fliers
— don’t be brand loyal
— keep track of what you can get for free or really cheap (and stock up on those items during that time.) According to the Grocery Game, the sales and coupons run with a regular routine, so, for instance, March is the time to stock up on soap and deodorant. Perhaps, April will be shampoo and conditioner, etc. The Grocery Game tracks all of that for you, so it is definitely worth the trial.


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One thought on “FREE!

  1. Wow. I never got the hang of the coupon thing. I am a bargain hunter, but I could never seem to get my act together enough to really use coupons efficiently. We have no stores here with the double coupon days or anything like that, so the extent of my usage was always to just look through the store flyer when I walked in and use coupons that were for things I intended to buy anyway.

    Maybe I’ll sign up for that website and give it a try. Can’t hurt! Thanks for the link and the inspiration!

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