Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung! Without really planning the timing, I managed to hit much of my spring cleaning list this week — the last days of winter and first days of spring and Holy Week, a traditional week for spring cleaning. In reality, I managed to convince my husband to hire someone to clean our windows this weekend, and that was just the motivation we needed to get cleaning. I also had some extra time on my hands since we’re off from the preschool co-op this week and have just finished up our music class session.

I am amazed at the details I notice that need to be cleaned now that I am a stay-at-home mom with a pretty independent kiddo. I no longer have the excuse of a newborn, young toddler, pregnancy, etc. I have to have a clean house!)

— outsource cleaning of interior and exterior of all windows — ($100 — even though they quoted us $80. I made $100 for a one hour web site usability study last week, so it seemed like great use of that cash. Let’s see, one hour of my time with a free diet coke in an air-conditioned office in front of a computer versus two adults cleaning my windows for 3 1/2 hours.)
— dust blinds
— wash curtains
— clean screens (some of them…haven’t gotten to all yet.)

–start garden (John did the prep work. I just put in the seeds and seedlings. Will we have lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, and strawberries come summer? Or will this be time and money down the drain?)
— clean front door
— clean back door
(still need to do this…later this week)

wipe down all doors
— wipe down all baseboards (in progress…finish Thursday and Friday)
— wipe down all cabinet fronts and top of fridge
— wipe down all switchplates
— clean all light fixtures and ceiling fan blades
(John did the fans!)
— clean oven (though I admit it is a self-cleaning oven. It is still work because we need to vacate the house for a couple of hours due to burning plastic smell.)

I don’t classify organizational projects (closets and such) in my spring cleaning plan as I tackle those throughout the year. So, what am I missing? Steam-cleaning the carpets, yes, I know. We do plan to install laminate in the rest of the carpeted rooms in the next few months, so that isn’t a high priority.

Seeing how quickly most of these little tasks have gone, I wonder if I should just scrap “spring cleaning” and add these details to my housekeeping rotation. I’m torn. It seems easier to tackle all of the ceiling fans at once, when we have the ladder out. And to do all of the exterior windows at once with the supplies. But, the oven, the doors and cabinets, etc. That can all be incorporated in to my regularly scheduled tasks in those rooms. I think I’ll leave the windows and light fixtures/ceiling fans for that once a season (who am I kidding, I’m no FlyBaby!) once a year project and just put the other stuff into my regular rotation. (And I absolutely think I’ll hire these folks to clean my windows every year! If you want their number, let me know.)

One thought on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Yeah, I usually do all that stuff when we have company coming for a few days, lol. So, I haven’t really done it since Ann Marie and family were here over the summer. See, THAT’S the kind of cleaning that I thought tore the mesh on that hernia, because that’s the kind of cleaning I did right before my parents came that Thanksgiving. I’ve been known to drag out a chair and clean the heating ducts with Q-tips though. And when I first moved in and wanted it all to be MINE, I was on the phone with Eileen and asked her, “So, how often do you dust your furnace?” and she spat out whatever she was drinking to laugh and admit, “Never.” And honestly, that furnace dusting was the last. It just seems like once you get into it, you find more and more dirt…everywhere!

    We do need to do our exterior though. That’s for this spring. And this summer, in between the leaves falling and the acorns falling, we need to re-varnish the deck.

    It sounds like you’ve got a good handle on things though!

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