Holy Week 2008

HOLY WEEK IS UPON US! Easter falls early this year, but I am ready! Ready for spring. Ready to begin life anew!

I will confess, our Lenten activities have been hit or miss. Caroline is more interested in playing with the coins than putting them in the Heifer Ark Bank. The coloring book has only been used a bit. And we don’t get to the Tree or Lenten Story Board everyday, but Caroline certainly “gets” the stories and remembers them, and she always has a name to offer for a special blessing and ribbon on the tree.

And she enjoys playing with it all. (I do really like the story board, though, so consider that a recommendation. It will last us many years.)

I’m excited to decorate (and clean — another blog post, I’m sure) the house for spring and have family visit this weekend. Here’s our plan:

Saturday (not really Holy Week yet) — Neighborhood Egg Hunt and Picnic

Palm Sunday — palms processional with instruments at church; use story board to reenact Jesus riding in to town on donkey with crowd waving palms and crying “Hosanna!”

Monday introduce Resurrection Eggs (and leave out for her to play with all week)

Tuesday — Easter lunch and egg-decorating with friends

Wednesday — eat Matzo and Charsoseth and discuss Passover and its significance for our Holy Communion

Maundy Thursday — read story of Jesus’s washing disciples’ feet and have our own foot washing at home (the church’s services are too late for a two-year-old.)

Good Friday — bake pretzels (reminiscent of arms folded in prayer and of the cross)

Holy Saturday — bake and decorate cookies; dye more eggs

SUNDAY — EASTER! Alleluia, He is Risen! — Easter basket goodies; egg hung at home and at church; feast with family