My attempt at a frugal, fun dinner

I love reading others’ blogs and their frugal finds, and I drool reading the fun dinners others are preparing. It’s not often that I, myself, have anything fun and frugal to contribute. But here’s my attempt.

A friend told me that HEB had their pre-seasoned fajita chicken meat (thighs) on sale for .99 / pound. I saw them when I shopped last Thursday and picked up a four pound bag. Now, thigh meat is fatty, so I didn’t use near the full four pounds. (I read it is also higher in iron than other cuts.) I grilled it all and sliced it up. I made a batch of pizza dough in the breadmaker — all ingredients on hand (WW flour, oil, salt, honey, yeast). I topped one with some store-bought pesto I had in the fridge, added the chicken, and topped all of that with Just Tomatoes sun-dried tomatoes that I had bought with a co-op. The other, I used some pizza sauce I had in the pantry, put on the chicken, and a few roasted bell peppers from a jar, and topped it with Mozzarella and Parmesan. All ingredients were already around the house. Since I won’t count what was already hanging around, that comes to $2 per pizza. I served it with a green salad.

Now, to be honest, the chicken was really so-so. It was the other stuff that made the pizza so yummy. We ate the roasted bell pepper/chicken/mozzarella tonight. The pesto pizza is in the freezer for another day.

2 thoughts on “My attempt at a frugal, fun dinner

  1. It looks like something people would eat, lol. It’s not my kind of food. I would have used the chicken to shred in enchiladas personally. I have problems with bell peppers and not a fan of sun-dried tomatoes. But, it looks exactly like something that other people would eat and say, “Yumm!”

    I need to get more frugal myself. I don’t coupon clip (we don’t have stores here with double coupon days or anything), and I don’t buy bulk really. We should get a second freezer, that would help with those things.

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