Texas Two-Steppin’ Tonight

Wow, democracy is complicated! I’ve always considered myself somewhat politically informed, but this whole prima-caucus deal in Texas is new to me. I guess we’ve just never talked about it much since by the time the presidential primaries come up for Texas, the candidate is already decided. But this year, it is still so close.

I voted early. John voted today. He had told me he’d take care of putting Caroline to bed if I wanted to go to the precinct caucus tonight, but instead, I managed to get Caroline down for a very late nap so that we could all go. Wow! (I know I said that once already.) We waited in line for a very long time, not moving. You see, nobody can predict how many folks will show up to these things, so the one little person sitting at a table to take each voter’s information and candidate choice was a bit overwhelmed with the 230+ people in line at 7:15 tonight. (I say + because many people got frustrated at the line and left.) She quickly called for back-ups, and we ended up with a roomful (20, I think) of volunteers tabulating our votes. John and I signed up to be alternate delegates for the county convention. I doubt we’ll need to go, and I didn’t want to stay and campaign for myself, and then vote again on the delegates. We left at 9:45, knowing that 16 delegates from our precinct will cast votes for Clinton with 22 voting for Obama.

As we divided into our caucuses based on our candidates, I observed the way our groups each mirrored our candidate. The Obama group was passionate and articulate, lots of cheering. Our group was composed and efficient (but we cheered once in retaliation).

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4 thoughts on “Texas Two-Steppin’ Tonight

  1. It is exciting. I have settled on Obama, too. But, I certainly wouldn’t cry a river if Clinton ended up being president! I can’t say I’m even that horrified by the idea of McCain. I’d prefer Obama first, then Clinton, of course, but McCain is a party traitor, so I think he’d be a real wild card in the presidency.

    I love hearing about hordes of democrats in Texas, though, it just warms my heart to know that even in deep red country there is hope.

  2. Well, that’s probably the only time we have ever or will ever vote the same way! You’re right, I’m disgusted that you did that. I don’t quite understand why you would do it, to be honest.

  3. Yeah, I just heard about people doing that on the Sean Hannity show (I listen to it to be better versed on misinformation flying around, so I can counter it with a straight face). I guess it just never occurred to me that people wouldn’t “fight fair” and stoop to such levels. It’s just amazing.

  4. I know what was commented on, and it happened in my caucus. Two delegates were lost to Obama by people doing this. I was pretty shocked people would be so shady.I am going as a delegate to the country convention!

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