Preschool Coop Updates

Our little school coop is still going strong and having fun! A couple of weeks ago, we visited the fire station on a field trip, and this week we had a belly dancer visit and entertain us. We have moved from rotating homes for our location to our permanent home at “‘Milla’s house”. Her family converted their tandem garage space into an extra room that is now our classroom. We have added a number of the week, too. We continue with weekly themes, emphasizing books, crafts, and games/activities based on that theme. We did loose one of our four students and are looking to add another student or two (potty trained and at least 2 1/2). Any takers?

Caroline has known the basic academic things (number, shapes, colors, alphabet — that was not what I wanted for her) — but she is picking up on some Spanish counting and has definitely grown in her social skills with sharing and taking turns and empathy. And she’s having fun and I’m getting a little break, which is what I wanted for us.

2 thoughts on “Preschool Coop Updates

  1. I have a brilliant 19 month old but still in diapers… 🙁

    I am so excited for you and how this is working out. I really admire you and your fellow moms for taking your children’s education into your own hands when did could not find an acceptable situation.

  2. It looks like it’s all falling together well! That’s awesome! Kudos to you guys for building something based on a need, it takes courage to do that.

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