Runner’s High

I joined a gym. Fitness 19 because I thought it was cheap. $19.99 a month and one minute from my house. Well, that’s how they get you in. Then they give you a complimentary session with a personal trainer. No sales pitch needed (this former sales person says.) I even told the guy in the midst of the session, “I see why people pay for this! I would NEVER PUT MYSELF THROUGH THIS OF MY OWN VOLITION!” And he said, “You said it yourself.” (Was that a closing comment?)

See, I had told the guy I had strong legs. I told him I didn’t need to work out my legs, that cardio alone would tone them, and I don’t want to build more muscle back there. It’s big enough! Well, Mr. Expert didn’t agree. Something about muscle burning more calories and all that. Yeah, yeah, I know. But I don’t want a 50 inch butt.

He wants to work legs anyway. Takes me to the squat machine and put it on 90 pounds. OH MY GOSH! I’m dying!! He doesn’t seem to think so. Cranks it to 110 and let me do one go. And then somehow sneaks over and moves that weight to 130 pounds. I was dying at 90 pounds. “Oh no,” he says, “you weren’t even grimacing.” So that’s the secret, I guess. Make your FACE look like it hurts. And then he had me do one last move, after all those sets or reps, counting down from ten. Ugh!!

Moral of the story: I would have NEVER put myself through that workout (there was more…oh, much more!) on my own. But I did it … and felt fabulous after! And I guess that’s why folks pay for trainers. And that is how Fitness 19 makes their money, even charging much less than the other places do. It’s in the personal training revenue.

And I’m thinking about it.

I worked out today, sans trainer. Arms. I know I wimped out on weight. And on reps. And I wonder if he would have made me do that halfway down and hold it thing like he did with my legs. I really am considering hiring him for three or four weeks, once a week. To take me through arms, abs, and legs and keep me motivated. I don’t see myself working out for more than a few months just now, hoping to be pregnant again after the doctor says OK. But it would be nice to loose a few pounds before then. And tone those abs and legs a bit.

And that runner’s high — I was AMAZED at how great I felt after my workout with the trainer Wednesday. All those phone calls I needed to return — I did it. I could truly tell those folks that I was doing great. I felt great. No drugs like the doctor offered. Just my own endorphins surging through my body.

Gotta keep that up!

7 thoughts on “Runner’s High

  1. Good for you!

    And, you can still workout while pregnant! I see lots of pregnant women at the YMCA. Even doing step-classes and weigh lifting!

  2. Yay! I bet that was fun. I’d love to hire a personal trainer. So far the closest I’ve come was a physical therapist to deal with my tummy issues while exercising.

    And exercise IS recommended during pregnancy! I went to TKD classes until a week before Katie was born, and working out when pg with Liz kept my blood sugar under control with the gestational diabetes.

  3. good job!! As they say you have to rip the muscle apart to rebuild it stronger.

    I love working out too (when I do it). A counselor once told me 30 minutes of cardio at target heart rate for at least 4x’s a week is the same as if you were on prozac (this is for the average person since I am sure there are people who still need prozac)! I was shocked when I learned it but weeks when I do that–I can conquer the world.

  4. Good for you! The dream of going to the gym and getting this feeling seems so far in the furute to me. I would love to escape to the gym if not only to take a shower alone and perhaps, for longer then 3 minutes without my son looking to eat.

  5. I had the twins when I was still in the Army and they had a special P.T. (Physical Training) program for pregnant women called Stars. Yep, there I was every day at 0630 exercising right up until they were born! All 220lbs of me!

  6. YEAH!! I am so proud of you! There’s nothing like that runners high. I would love to have a personal trainer but I am too scared of what they’ll do to me. I’m planning on working out through my next pregnancy so maybe we can do it together. – Carlye Jo

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