Happy Anniversary, John!

Thirteen years ago, just a mere babe, I made the smartest decision of my life. I married the best guy out there! I love him more each day. I love him just because, but I also love him for who he is and what he does. I love him completely. And here are a few reasons why:

1. He thinks deeply. Not only is he the smartest person I know, he still challenges his mind–through reading, research, discussion.
2. He is a caring father. The best! Caroline adores him, and he and I want to parent in the same gentle, conscientious way.
3. He looks good. And better every year, I think!
4. He is a spiritual leader. He has grown into a leader for our family and our church and as a Christian example to his friends.
5. He is innocent. Even when he goofs up and acts insensitively, he doesn’t mean it. He just wasn’t thinking.
6. He agrees with me (usually). So many people who married young, as we did, find that they change and their spouse changes. We both did, but we’ve grown and changed together, becoming more alike in our thoughts and opinions. And when we don’t agree, we can have interesting, intelligent discussions.
7. He supports me. Even when I make unconventional or radical choices, John stands by me.
8. He provides for our family. I’m so thankful I can stay-at-home with our kids.
9. He is financially conservative. Which is like me, so it works for us.
10. He thinks objectively. He is slow to judge and can see both sides of the issues, even when he doesn’t agree.
11. He is reliable. I can count on him. His family and friends can, too.
12. He is resilient. In my graduate studies on gifted education, the importance of resilience came up often–its importance in strengthening character and building brains. John has been through more than his share of trials and is truly resilient. Though I wish I could take away the hard times he has had, I can’t doubt that they have made him who he is today.
13. He loves me!

I love you, John!

3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, John!

  1. Thirteen years! Holy cow, what were you two when you got married? LOL, I will always remember you guys as the fresh-faced, cupid-shot couple (who swore up and down and sideways that you’d NEVER have kids) that I knew in tae kwon do almost a decade ago.

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