It Ain’t Over Yet!

It *is* Christmas now! All that anticipation and preparation throughout December has been Advent. Now, it is Christmas, and this is the time I love! John is home; Caroline has fun new stuff to entertain her. Decorations are still festive. And we can continue our focus on the reason for Christmas without the commercialism of Christmas.

With our nightly Advent activities completed, we have moved on to celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas. They’re more than just a song. In liturgical churches, the twelve days from December 25 are the Christmas season, leading up to Epiphany, or Three Kings Day — the day the Magi brought gifts to the Christ child. My original plan had me holding back a “big” gift to give Caroline on Epiphany. That gift was hidden and remained in the guest bedroom … until Caroline followed Poppy into his room and spotted it. “Hey, this is for me!” I let her have it.

For our evening Christmas ritual, I have a neat little activity book I found last year at an after-Christmas sale. Adornaments is published by the Campus Crusade for Christ folks. It has a book with a page explaining each of the Biblical names for Jesus. Each name also has a mini-ornament picture book to go with it. I am really excited about this because Caroline is quite focused on “Baby” Jesus. These nightly discussions will take her beyond the manger and give her an awareness of Christ.

The twelve names are
1. Emmanuel
2. Lion of Judah
3. The Door
4. True Vine
5. Living Water
6. Light of the World
7. Lamb of God
8. Good Shepherd
9. King of Kings
10. Bread of Life
11. Bright and Morning Star
12. Savior

She’ll also get quite an exposure to metaphor. 🙂