I’m not a Scrooge, really

Bah Humbug! Many of dear friends and new friends did not get a Christmas card from me this year. I planned ahead. I sent them out in early December. And then they started being returned. It was too late to send out new ones, so if you were missed…so sorry and Merry Christmas!

Here’s the story. This fall, I had a computer fire. My computer caught on fire, yes. When it came time for Christmas cards, John managed to salvage some file that was called xmascardlist. I used that to create my cards, but I forgot to add new friends because I was so frantic to get the list compiled. Strike one: folks I adore and have gotten close to this year didn’t get a card. The list we recovered was pretty old, and people move. Last week, cards started coming back to me. I know more will because my sister-in-law already asked why she didn’t get a card when everyone else has one already (and hers has yet to be returned). Well, that’s because I sent it to the house she lived in three years ago! Strike two: USPS doesn’t forward mail endlessly for years and years.

My list is now updated, and I’ll even save it to my google docs so it will not be lost due to a computer fire or whatever other technical catastrophe could occur.

Merry Christmas!

2 thoughts on “I’m not a Scrooge, really

  1. Ah, don’t worry about it. You could, if you want, send out New Year’s Cards–you know, just stick the cards you already mailed out and returned into envelopes so we can see what you had intended, if it was an adorable picture or something. Otherwise, forget about it. You’re the pregnant mother of a toddler and your computer caught fire. I think your excuses are worthy.

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