One thought on “Click the picture to watch this video before you shop next

  1. Excellent video. But…I feel guilty! I am SO not a consumer, but this year’s gift list did include quite a bit of plastic (littlest pets, specifically). Bummer. But, if history proves right, this plastic will be in our house for a long time, then move on to someone else’s.

    My biggest recent recycling pride is that we got a box of clothes from my friend Lisa in Pittsburgh. A lot of them were clothes I had sent her long before Liz was conceived when we were sure we were done having kids. A lot of those were clothes with AF on the tags, meaning ALEX wore them, and I remember some of those being hand-me-downs from a friend in Cleveland, who gave us clothes HIS two kids outgrew. So, Liz is wearing clothing that had gone through two kids in Cleveland, Alex, Katie, and my friend Lisa’s two kids. How about that??? Furthermore, as she outgrows them, I send them on, to other friends or to Goodwill. So, they keep on getting worn. I’ll give myself a break on the plastic now.

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