Weekly W: What makes your life easier?

Early in my career, one of my bosses hired an office assistant for me because he said I could sell, sell, sell, but I just wasn’t organized. I disagree, or maybe because I am not organized naturally, I work at it really hard. I like to think I run a well-organized home now that my home is my worksite.

Something that makes running my home easier, more organized, is the yahoo group I created for our family. As a mom, I have become enamoured with yahoo groups — every playgroup and organization I am in seems to have a yahoo group. These web-based groups provide a medium to share information — files, calendars, messages, web links, etc.

Caroline and I have a pretty tight routine for our days and weeks. I use our family’s yahoo group to keep track of our activities as well as John’s activities and my individual activities. I also use the calendar to keep track of my housekeeping tasks. I spend just a few minutes every day cleaning one area of the house. Some tasks are done weekly, others bi-weekly, and some just occasionally. The yahoo calendar allows me to enter an event once and determine how often to repeat that event — every week, every other week, the first Monday of each month, etc. I planned out my household tasks and put those on the calendar. The calendar emails me reminders of which task I am to accomplish that day. It keeps me organized. It keeps me sane.

2 thoughts on “Weekly W: What makes your life easier?

  1. I’m loving Google calendar, spreadsheets and homepage. Not to burst your Yahoo! bubble, but I prefer Google’s stuff now!

  2. Reading this I know you are Erica’s friend. Now I am intriqued. I must not be using Yahoo to its full extent.

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