Yummy, but not so pretty

Our Advent plan called for making Chex Mix today, but since the mamma babe-in-utero (it’s nice to have someone on whom to blame your cravings) was more in the mood for sweet than salty, we tried a new recipe — Muddy Buddies. Oh, they are mighty tasty, and the picture on the box would make one think of something snow-covered. Mine are more like something covered in Southeast Texas snow. It could be that I had no powdered sugar and made my own (1 cup sugar with 1 tbspn corn starch in blender) or that my sugar is organic fair trade, and therefore yellow. Either way, my muddy buddies look like the thin layer of pine-straw infused snow I played in as a child. But snow is always fun to a kid. And chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar together is always good when you’re pregnant it’s Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Yummy, but not so pretty

  1. I dunno, looks pretty good to me. Looks like they stuff they call “puppy chow” here. My blood sugar is rising just looking at that picture!

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