One of our summer traditions

The past three summers, the girls and I have loaded up and taken a few days to visit the cousins on John’s side of the family. It’s fun for all of us, as I love my sisters-in law as if I’ve known them my whole life and I consider them friends as well as sisters. It goes without saying that the kids love the play non-stop for a few days. Since Waco is an hour and a half from our house and halfway or a bit less than that to the metroplex area cousins, it’s a great driving break for us to stop at the Mayborn, which is our favorite nearby children’s museum. This year, we added lunch at the American Girl Store to the plans. I admit that I’m more into the whole American Girl doll thing than either of the girls. Caroline has a historical doll, and Elizabeth has a Bitty Twin and will get a historical doll for her fifth birthday. They each got to pick an outfit — a roller skating ensemble for Caroline’s doll and a swimming outfit for Elizabeth’s — at the store, and we had lunch (party of eight plus two babes in high chairs. It was crazy.) The whole week was crazy, and it always is. We spent the first night with the Boatners, swimming and playing. Day two, we met the Foleys at the AG store and then headed to their new house in Bonham and the Bindels met us there. Then we had a huge sleepover with not much sleep and lots of play and lots of love (and some fighting and crying, if I’m honest.) On the third day, the girls and I said goodbye to cousins and headed to Hillsboro for a night at the Hamptom, swimming, and cable TV. Then we spent a few hours at the Mayborn on the way home. We went to the special exhibit, Goosebumps, and I’m so glad I added that to our tickets. It was pretty cool! The girls and I all faced the fear of falling and had our facial reactions recorded. The clip here is of the video playback of our slow-mo falls. (I will do my best to stop licking my lips after seeing that in slow motion. <shudder>)

Bindels falling backwards, arms strapped by our sides