a neeeewwww carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

(in the same voice as “Come on down! You’re the next contestant in the Price is Right!)

Totally unplanned. And totally loved. (Some people say that about their children, don’t they?) Turns out that whole trade-in-the-loved-but-small-CRV-for-an-older-Odyssey was not such a great idea. (I can admit when I’m wrong. It just takes me almost a year sometimes.) The AC died in the Odyssey, and we decided to get a new vehicle. It was a decision between a new Honda Odyssey or a Chevy Traverse. And it came down to dollah-bills-y’all. Chevy was much more willing to negotiate on the car and the trade-in. I weighed the automatic sliding doors of the Odyssey equally with the not-a-mini-van of the Traverse and told John that I’d be happiest with whatever cost us the least.

I love getting into my RED vehicle. Really, it has always been my favorite color. I can’t believe it has taken me twenty-three years of driving and seven vehicles to finally get a red car. Let me take a moment to pay tribute to my many vehicles. I seem to alternate love-not.

White Chevy S-10 pickup — Loved it! And it kept me whole through several accidents. Sorry I didn’t do the same for it.

Behemoth gray Impala — it was a tank. My dad said it would keep me safe since I had demonstrated not-so-great driving abilities. Embarrassing!

Super cute dark green Saturn — so sporty for the young professional

Practical gray Chevy Malibu — up-and-coming sales professional needed a sedan. served its purpose

Blue Honda CRV — so cute and perfect for our little family

Blue Honda Odyssey — traded that cute 2007 CRV even-steven for a 2005 Odyssey because I wanted room to transport more kids (not my own–cousins and friends and carpool)

and now the Red Chevy Traverse — which needs to last me nine years until I hand it over to my darling eldest daughter when she gets her drivers license. (Wow!)




When I visited my dad’s house last week, I found these. Just the kind of childhood treasure I want to share with my kids! I loved pouring over these Childcraft: How and Why books when I was a kid. I think mom bought them used with our encyclopedia set, which I also treasured. It was sort of like having the Internet in my living room, way back in the 70s and 80s. I read to the girls from them every night. I had hoped Caroline would snuggle up and devour a few volumes, but it didn’t pique her interest this time. Hopefully they’ll be on the shelf there for a few years so she can come to them on her own.