Summer Session One

I have decided (retrospectively) to divide the summer into sessions, kind of like summer camp. These past three weeks, I consider session one–the busy part.

We started the session with Caroline’s birthday and party, her dance recital, daily swim lessons for both girls, repainting furniture for Caroline’s room, joining a clubhouse for the summer, and a full-time freelance project for me.

I thought I was a genius to start the summer with the daily swim lessons at the neighborhood pool. The girls enjoyed it, and it was nice to get them in the pool daily without me necessarily having to get in, too, but it did make it hard to do anything else in the morning…and then it is just too hot to do much in the afternoon. I probably won’t do it again next year, but for this summer, it is done. I joined the Ultimate Mom’s Club for the summer when I realized I needed a place the girls could play (and not fight as much as at home) while I got work done when I stumbled upon a fast-paced freelance project. I started working with a new client–a publisher of memoirs, biographies, and true crime–just after they lost (as in the no longer in this world kind of lost) their editor. Right before the biggest book expo in the country! My normal freelance pace is one book every two weeks, a reasonable stay-at-home-mom-who-edits-a-bit-each-day pace of about twenty-five pages a day. I EDITED FIVE BOOKS IN TEN DAYS. I am so excited about this new client, though. We should be at a much more typical pace from now on. Oh, and I turned 39 during session one. The girls and I baked a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and lit it on fire with all the candles they could round up–twenty-six of them. I don’t think we could have fit thirteen more on the cake anyway.

For the rest of the summer, the work pace should be manageable, leaving us plenty of time for family fun in the sun.*

Session two will be busy, too, but more fun. We’ll start with three days in Port Aransas. Then the girls and I will have a week at Vacation Bible School. And then we’ll head to Toledo Bend to hang out with my dad the week of July 4.

Session three will get down to what I consider the fun of summer–lots of short fun summer trips and activities. My tentative list includes a trip to Six Flags on our season passes, a trip to Waco to visit the Mayburn, a visit to Sherman to meet the newest cousin with a trip to Wichita Falls to see Granda’s new place, bowling, movies, roller skating, museum visits to the Blanton, the Bullock, and the Memorial Museum, water fun at Rock n’ River, the Quarry, and the Brushy Creek splash pads.

Session four will wrap up the summer with swimming and playdates and getting ready to get back into the school swing (school shopping fun!) We’ll hit the Zilker summer musical and the Austin children’s summer musical, and we’ll squeeze in a mini-vacation to Houston to visit the museums and have some fun there and probably a weekend trip to San Antonio to see the caves and let John join us at the Six Flags water park.

*In Austin, in July and August, fun in the sun is summer-related fun that involves water or air-conditioning.