Pinterest love

 As Facebook replaced my message-board time suck, Pinterest seems to be replacing my blog reading habit. And it is so much more efficient! If you have not discovered Pinterest, check it out! I did not understand its appeal at first. Actually, the friends who raved about it are visual people — all photographer friends — so when they described the idea of a virtual pinboard, it did not cry out to me. But, like the joiner I am, I signed up. And slowly, I got it. This virtual pinboard is not just a place to get visual ideas (you view “pins” as images) but a place to keep track of all kinds of ideas. You “pin” something that interests you, and it saves your pin which is linked to a more in depth blog or site expounding on the idea.

I have found so many fun ideas, and I’ve even tried out several! This weekend, I celebrated a friend’s 40th birthday with a girls’ trip to the Texas Hill Country wineries. We gathered at my house that morning, and I had prepared strawberries and cream muffins that I had found via Pinterest. I gave my friend some chalkboard wine glasses, too. Another idea garnered from Pinterest.

The girls and I have done several crafts, activities, and science experiments that I found on Pinterest. I’ve completed a few home decor / holiday decor projects, too, that were inspired by Pinterest.

My favorite types of pins are organizational ideas, holiday decorating ideas, home decorating ideas, and activities for the kids. Lots of funnies to be found there, too, and a laugh is always welcome in my world!