I’m afraid I’m a failure at SIBLINGS WITHOUT RIVALRY

Posted by PicasaHonesty time. I know it is wrong to compare my kids. But how on earth do you not do it? They are so different. One is so much more challenging. No exaggeration. I love their personalities — both of them. I know they each have their weaknesses. But when you pick up one from MDO to get another “incident report” and then find a note of praise in the other’s backpack, well, it is just hard not to say, “Why can’t you be more like your sister?”

But back to those differences. Caroline shines in order. Rules are her friend. Elizabeth stirs things up. She fights for what she (thinks she) deserves. That girl will move mountains!

I don’t have to worry about either of my girls when I’m not around. (But I just kind of wish I didn’t have to worry about other people when one of them is around.)

Jenkins/Hazelton Family Reunion 2011

Posted by PicasaThere was rain!
There was food, oh was there food!
And there was karaoke. And I learned that it is probably not a good idea to drink wine from a box in a big Dixie cup as there really is no way to gauge how much one has consumed…until it is gone. But I did share!
(and I can’t wait to do it again next year, and I hope to see a few more cousins. . . please!!)