Merry Christmas!

Caroline asked me what my favorite holiday is. She’s be perfectly happy with the answer “all of them!” as that is the answer she usually gives (that or “everything!”), but really, that is almost my answer. I love Easter. I love that it is a Christian holiday that has not been (too badly) commercialized. Of course, I love Advent, the excitement and anticipation leading up to CHRISTMAS!

But, as cliche as it is, Christmas has to be my favorite, I think. True Christmas. The Christmas that started yesterday and lasts for twelve days. That is the time that the running is done, the shopping and the wrapping is done. Even the gift-exchanging, as fun as that is, is done. Christmas is time to slow down and enjoy and appreciate God’s gifts to us, the gift of his Son, our Savior, along with the blessings we have. I am especially blessed that my husband takes the last week of the year off from work, so we can really have family time during Christmastide.

The girls will get one more gift on Epiphany, January 6, the day we remember the gifts the Magi brought Jesus. And, in our home, we continue celebrating for a couple more days–with our wedding anniversary on January 7 (sixteen years this time!) and Mary Elizabeth’s birth on January 8 (and I really look forward when she’s old enough to appreciate it, to sharing with her the joy of spending my 14th wedding anniversay in labor with her!)

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