Rockin’ Green!

I remember my mom was a loyal All-Temperature Cheer user. It was affordable, she said, and worked well in cold water, which is all she washed in (as do I, except for diapers). My mom was very brand loyal, and I sometimes think that I am not a conscientious enough homemaker that I am not more brand-loyal. Sure, Comet is a must-have in my cleaning arsenal…but I have bought Ajax and not had a second though. I lurve the Mrs. Meyers cleaners, but if I run out, I can work with vinegar and water (as long as I also have my less eco-friendly Comet to truly clean things up!) And for foods, I’m always willing to try the HEB or Costco brand and am usually not disappointed.

So, I’ve been a fickle laundry detergent customer. I’ve used Sun; I’ve used Kirkland/Costco brand; I’ve used All.I’ve tried to pricier eco-friendly Seventh Generation. I do use mostly scent and dye free now that I’ve mothered a child with sensitive skin. Really, once you’ve left scent, you can’t go back. But (and really, this is thanks to my local mama’s buying coop) I have a new brand that has my business. Rockin’ Green detergent. It is cloth-diaper friendly, eco-friendly, scent free after washing (but has yummy scents when you put it in, which is really silly, I know, but it’s a nice moment.)

Yesterday, both girls wore their adorable Thanksgiving turkey shirts I bought from an Etsy seller. And Elizabeth ate mud and ketchup and chocolate and something blue all in one day! I had forgotten what a bad match toddlers and long sleeves can be! That end-of-sleeve area is quite vulnerable.

And these were hand-wash-only type shirts.

So I put hers to soak in my RnG. I agitated the stained areas a bit and then added in Caroline’s shirt. Left them to soak overnight and rinsed them today. Love this detergent!! It hand washed nicely and got out the stains! I’m thinking I may not need detergent and Oxyclean if I have my RnG!

metablogger again: I realize I sound like a commercial. I reserve the right to submit my story/review if RnG ever does a give-a-way in the future. This particular post, though, was not written to qualify me for a prize. 🙂

Bloggin’ bloggin’

Here’s some meta blogging for you. I don’t know what I’ve done here. Blogger discontinued ftp, so I tried to move my blog to the 1and1 blogs, which is a version of wordpress only to find that 1and1 changes the wordpress so it can not be exported and moved to other blog servicers, so then I went back to blogger and put a redirect message somewhere, hoping that any readers I had might find me. But, I’m afraid there has been so much moving that nobody reads this anymore. And that is fine because this is a journal for me, too, and I don’t need an audience. But, not knowing my audience, if there is one, probably means I will write something to offend someone who will never speak up about how I offended her anyway and I’ll wonder what ever happened to so-and-so.

Or not.