Thanks to Fly Lady, my floors have never been cleaner!

I woke up this morning rested and facing a day with no commitments. I had just finished my freelance assignment. I felt caught up on church and LLL work. Elizabeth and I had no plans. What a great day to get to those neglected “zones” in my house. For those of you not familiar with Flying, the Fly Lady is a resource for keeping your house in tip-top shape. In my early days at home, I read up on her ideas a bit and modified them to work for me. One fifteen minute zone / chore per day — great! Dressing to my shoes — not gonna happen. I don’t have a stainless steel sink, either, so I don’t shine my sink nightly as she recommends. I did decide though, that today I would give my sink a good bleach-soak and scrubbing. I put in the stopper, started the water, and added a bit of bleach. As the sink was filling, I took out the garbage and switched the laundry to the dryer. Then I decided to keep going. I grabbed a garbage bag to declutter my desk zone. Oh, that felt good! At the bottom of the stack, though, I noticed an eye doctor bill that I was supposed to pay a while back. I grabbed the phone and called the doctor to get a busy signal. Hmmm…maybe I dialed wrong. Try again, still busy. I headed to the kitchen to check the doctor’s office number on the card on the fridge …………………………………………………………………….. and stepped in water! Oh, oh, oh…water still running…overflowing!

It was quite a sight, actually. In the end, my counters and floors got a nice towel down. Wouldn’t Fly Lady be proud?