Summer Cooking — a month of salads, grill, and crockpot

Technically, it is not yet summer, but temps are already topping 100! Nobody wants to stand in front of the stove or open the oven door, so I brainstormed a month of meals using the grill or crockpot along with some fun salads. (This isn’t a full 30 days of meals as a few days will call for leftovers or eating out/being out of town, or John cooking 🙂 .)


ribs with baked potato and (canned) baked beans
roast beef with potatoes and carrots
pork roast with root veggies
chicken and rice casserole
chicken lettuce wraps
I’m excited to try out some new recipes in the crockpot. The ribs are cooking right now for tonight’s dinner.

chicken salad (I’m a sucker for Costco’s chicken salad, so this will come from there and be used for a week’s lunches, too.)
pasta salad (with leftover crockpot pork)
deviled eggs and green salad
chinese chopped chicken salad
chicken caesar salad
spinach salad with bacon
cobb salad
hopefully, some of this will come from our garden

beef filets
pork chops
hot dogs
Grill meals served with baked potato, baked sweet potato, wild rice, or chips and a veggie foil-wrap cooked on the grill

Happy Birthday!

Thirty-three years ago today, my parents gave me the best birthday present ever (a few days early) — my little sister, Mary Janette. I’ve always loved her, but I do think it has taken me a few years to appreciate her as much as I do now. I can not imagine my life without her, and I am so thankful my girls have each other because I know how great having a sister can be. And yeah, I admit here in print, I am older. She loves it when you ask that, though, so go ahead and ask next time you see us together which of us is older.

Love you, sis! Happy Birthday!!

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