Amazon’s Cool New Wish List Feature

Have you, in your Christmas Wish List making, discovered Amazon’s new Universal Wish List? You can add items from any vendor on the internet to your Amazon list. I don’t need many baby items and this is my second child, so I wasn’t planning on registering. I did go ahead and add a few baby things to my wish list since I can just add things from any site to my list with a click of a button to serve as an ideas list for me. Very convenient!

What was I doing?

This is a fun little meme that Erica tagged me with.

  • 1 minute ago: tossing a salad made with goodies from my garden
  • 1 day ago: spending the day with John and Caroline
  • 1 week ago: watching election returns
  • 1 month ago: getting fatter by the second, I think. 🙂
  • 3 years ago: adjusting to being mom to Sweet Caroline, learning to overcome the intense loneliness being a stay-at-home mom
  • 5 years ago: working on my things-to-do-before-we-have-kids list and therefore planning a vacation to Paris
  • 7 years ago: teaching 8th grade English and going to graduate school
  • 10 years ago: working as a high tech recruiter in the hay-day of the dotcom boom

I tag Rita!

Bargains are back

I haven’t been diligent at all about posting my weekly bargains. I still enjoy my time on Sundays, sitting with Caroline at the table while we both clip coupons. (Well, I clip coupons; she cuts paper. She is developing some mean cutting skills according to her preschool teacher.) I haven’t found any great brag-worthy items lately, though. Today was a pretty good day, though!

Money Makers at CVS
– St. Ives body wash, $3.99 — get $3 ECB. Use the printable coupon and make yourself $1.01.

– Garnier Nutriesse shampoo or conditioner — $2.99 — get $2 ECB. Use one of the many $1 off coupons to make yourself a pretty penny.

I suggest you use the money you made to put toward $20 worth of chocolate that will earn you $10 of ECB.

Fun Finds at Walgreens
– I’ve written here before how much I enjoy shaving with Schick Inutition razors — they have the shaving cream built onto them. They are pricey, but there are always coupons and sales on them. I have been holding a buy one, get one free manufacturer’s coupon for them. This month, Walgreens has a $3 coupon on them in the Easy Saver. And this week, they are on sale for $6.99. So, I had the razor on my list, thinking I’d get two packs for $6.99, making them $3.99 for both after both coupons — nice deal. I get in the store and pick up the first pack and find, hiding behind it, a bonus pack with extra blades!! Score!

– I also found on an endcap, 16-month art calendars for $5 each. I bought one of Monet paintings and one of Van Gogh paintings. These will be great to hang in Caroline’s art areas to use in building art appreciation.

Our family tradition — the Halloween Fairy

An idea I borrowed from some other blogs I read is the Halloween Fairy (could also be called the Tooth Fairy, the Candy Witch, whatever works for you). After trick-or-treating, we let Caroline pick out two pieces of candy. She chose a Reese’s Cup and a bag of M&Ms — took one bite of the Reese’s and ate about half the little bag of M&Ms. Then we set the full pumpkin out in her room for the Halloween Fairy. She awoke Saturday morning to a new tutu, a box of face paint sticks, a stamp pad, and a magnifying glass. She LOVES her new stuff and has excitedly told many people about the fairy. As for the candy, John and are munching on Runts and Whoppers as I type.

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The Miracle of Birth

John and I watched THE BUSINESS OF BEING BORN last night, checking off one of the movies for my third trimester countdown. I haven’t seen Monty Python’s THE MEANING OF LIFE since becoming a parent myself, so I really enjoyed the clip included in the documentary. It is frighteningly real, isn’t it?