Drugstore Deals

My favorite deals for this week:

The Target at 1431 and 183 had their Suave soaps on clearance for $1.27. I had a buy one get one free coupon and a 50 cent off one coupon. I wasn’t sure if I could use both, but the cashier took them. So, I got two yummy (Peony scented) Suave shower soaps, .77 for both!

Same store had Real Solutions Organic shampoo and condition with free after rebate hang tags. They are normally $4.99 each, so one free shampoo; one free conditioner. Or technically, since it is a mail-in rebate that I have to send a SASE, .42 each.

Nabisco crackers (Premium Saltines and Ritz) are on sale 2 for $4. There’s a .75 off two coupon in Sunday’s paper. Plus, if you buy $10 worth, you’ll get $3 in Register Rewards. I bought six for $10, used my coupon, and got my $3 back. Comes to $1.04 per box of crackers. Caroline and I eat this for snacks often.

Olay body washes, Secret deodorant, and a few other brands are on sale 3 for $10. Plus, if you buy $10 worth, you get $3 in Register Rewards (or buy $20 worth and get $7.) Coupons are out for most of the items. I bought an Olay Botanicals body wash that I had a $2 coupon for, an Olay Ribbons body wash that I had a $1.50 coupon for, and a Secret deodorant that I had a .50 coupon for. I got the $3 back bringing my per item cost for each soap and the deodorant to $1.

Finally, Walgreens has Pert Plus shampoo free after rebate this month (up to $4 something). I had a $2 off coupon for that, so I’ll make $2 after rebate. (Consider that $2 blown on the treat I bought for Caroline and me for our post-swim/post-Walgreens snack.) They also have an organic shampoo and conditioner free after rebate, too, for August. I’ll pick that up later this month.

I should be set on body wash for awhile since I stocked up on several during the free after ECB deal at CVS a few months ago. I still have some of that left. Caroline has been “showering” while I get dressed lately, though, and she tends to use a bit too much. It might not last as long as I think.

Summer Reading and Watching

I like easy summer reading that reads like a made-for-TV movie. I’ve found that with my summer author — Jodi Picoult. Her novels, by her own description, are plot and character driven. I started with The Pact on our vacation. I just finished Plain Truth.

The Pact involves a teenage boy on trial for murdering his girlfriend in a supposed botched suicide pact. Plain Truth is about an Amish teen’s trial for murdering her newborn after hiding her pregnancy. I have My Sister’s Keeper coming from paperbackswap soon, and I have a few others of her books on lists to read this summer before my book clubs pick back up.

On the viewing front, I’ve Netflixed the Little House on the Prairie television series, and Caroline and I are snuggling up watching it together in the late afternoons/early evenings. We are both enjoying it. This show has such a special place in my heart. My mom and sister and I always watched it together, and my dad always had comments about Michael Landon’s crying at every situation he could. Caroline enjoys “the little girls show,” and I feel it is a bit better than the other alternatives on TV. With nine seasons of about twenty episodes each, this should occupy us for quite a while. By the time we finish watching the series, I think Caroline will be ready for me to start reading aloud to her from the Laura Ingalls Wilder’s series.

$10 from Ebates (for me and for you!)

I’ve mentioned ebates on my blog before. It’s a shopping portal that pays you back a percentage of the money you spend shopping online. I’ve made $99.52 since joining over a year ago. No work on my part — just go to ebates.com and click the links or search the products on their site. You get four percent back from Target purchases (that’s the big one for me.) There are tons of other stores, too. I just bought some new bras and got six percent of my purchase back. The cash back can go into your paypal account or you can receive a check. Right now, if you sign up using this link and make your first purchase before August 14, you’ll get a $10 bonus and so will I.

Give it a try!

Montessori Mondays with Mommy Life

I have realized that I need some new blogging material.
I see (from my little spy sitemeter) that most hits I get via searches are Montessori-related.
I have become inspired this week to plan my at-home-time with Caroline a bit more.

So, this week, I’m joining in Mommy Life‘s Montessori Monday.

Montessori Concept: The Prepared Environment
I’m quite proud of the prepared, child-friendly environment I’ve created at home for Caroline. She has the Learning Tower to help her see and help with kitchen tasks, several child-sized tables and chairs throughout the house, adjusted light switches that she can reach, step stools in bathrooms, and child-accessible snacks so she can serve herself.

I’ve realized recently, though, that I’ve become lax in preparing her environment with activities. I believe it is important for children to be able to entertain themselves, but I think I’ve gone a bit too far with leaving her to her own devices too much of the time recently.

I’ve decided that each week, I’ll come up with a few activities that I will have on-hand to explore with her or for her to explore independently. Granted, not all of these fit with Montessori philosophy. My fit with that is in the idea of preparing her environment and with some of the categories.

Rhyme — Humpty Dumpty
Sensory Activity –crush egg shells
Craft Activity — glue egg shells on picture of Humpty Dumpty
Academic Activity — tracing r and o with sandpaper letters
CatechismThe Parable of the Sower (Matt 13: 1-9) — collect seeds from various fruits, trees, and veggies; view and discuss The Sower
Fine Motor — sort and count seeds
Practical Life — choosing and putting on own shirt