Monday of Holy Week

Today was a mostly a secular celebration for us — an Easter party with our neighborhood friends. We played at a park, blew bubbles, played in the sand, and made Easter crafts. I put together a foam egg and a foam duck on the end of a stick, and Caroline colored them. I have chosen to make an effort to reflect on Christ this week, so I found myself thinking of Him today. As Caroline spent time with her friends, I thought of Jesus’s final week and the time he spent with His friends, the discipiles. As we shared our picnic food on the blanket, I thought of Jesus’s Last Supper with His friends. When an older girl pushed Caroline, I thought of Jesus’s friends betraying Him. When I threw the candy out of a plastic egg and gave Caroline the empty egg to play with, I thought of the empty tomb.

Palm Sunday

Caroline was in the church nursery for our observation of Palm Sunday this morning, so we celebrated Palm Sunday with her later in the afternoon. I cut the shape of a palm, like that waved at Jesus as he entered Jerasulem for Passover, and Caroline colored on it as I gave her a very simple explanation — “People waved palm branches like this at Jesus as he rode into town on a donkey. They sang, ‘Hosanna! Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.’ to him.” Then John and I took turns waving her palm and ours from church this morning as we cried “Hosanna!” Caroline loved watching us and kept asking for “more!” Finally, she joined in waving her palm and singing.