Weekly W: What’s your favorite spice?

Last week, Ms. W asked about our favorite spice. I use quite a variety of spices in my cooking, but most of the dishes I make would not be possible without GARLIC. I keep my kitchen stocked with a variety of garlic mediums — fresh for salad dressings and recipes when I’m feeling energetic; minced for when I’m not; powder for a dash or two in any dish; spread for garlic bread, which goes with any meal and is a great snack all by itself!

Feel free to eat as much garlic as you like as long as you make sure your dining partners (or better yet, sleeping partners) indulge, too.

Weekly W: What’s your front door like?

My front door is decorated for Halloween right now. I realized when I was organizing a closet last week that my door will be decked for the season straight from now until Easter. I have cute Halloween decor now, then on November 1 the pumpkin will stay, but a scarecrow will adorn the door. Of course, we’ll move onto to a green wreath for Advent in late November, adding a bow for Christmas. After Epiphany, I’ll put up my heart wreath for Valentine’s Day. Then we’ll move back to the plain green wreath for Lent before putting up our Easter decorations! I also have a shamrock door hanging that I’ll put up on St. Patrick’s Day, but that won’t be up for long since that is during the Lenten season. During the non-holiday times, I have a black-iron cross that hangs on the door.

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Weekly W: Who’s your celebrity look-a-like?

Ms. W, whose celebrity look-a-likes include some dude (granted, he’s a good looking dude) and Heather Locklear, has challenged us bloggers this week to use the “Find your celebrity look-a-like feature” on My Heritage. This is so cool! Try it out!

Runners-up for my look-a-like included Heather Graham, Jessica Simpson, and Raquel Welch with 75%. Further down the list was Neve Campbell (is that why John likes me?) at 71%.