Weekly W: What’s your luxury?

Our question from Ms. W. this week relates to Survivor, a show I have never watched. I googled to get the scoop. On the “reality” show Survivor, contestants (actors?) are allowed to bring one luxury item. This cannot be a survival-type item, though. I found the current cast brought items from eyeliner and lipstick to boardgames and coloring books to Bibles and headdresses. My first thought was DIET COKE. That would be more of a survival item for me, though, and it is quickly consumable. A bottle of red wine was a close second but lost out for the same reasons. Wine, bubble baths, and books are my indulgent treat, but none of those would be practical for long-term survival. I’d finish the wine in a night and the book in a week. And where would I find a tub to put the bubble bath? So I decided on a feather-down comforter. It is soft, cozy, and relaxing. It could be used for other uses in a pinch, I suppose. I would bring me comfort and warmth and good sleep.

One of the many reasons I love Austin

We took a bat cruise tonight with the Boatners and the Marshes and enjoyed a perfect night in Austin — dinner at Threadgills and a beautiful sunset cruise on Town Lake to see the bats who abide under the Congress Bridge. The bridge is home to about 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats who are kind enough to rid Austin of 10,000-20,000 pounds of insects each night. John captured this image. Beautiful!